Transit TV

Cost Effective

Digital video advertising becomes an integral part of fully integrated marketing campaigns, delivering the same brand messages directly to target audiences in places with greater relevance to context and time. All this for just a fraction of the advertising budget!

High Frequency/High Recall

The brands are exposed on the screen at a high frequency throughout the whole day and with an increase in the average time spent commuting, this results in a higher brand recall rate.

Mass Market Reach

Transit TV screens are installed in buses traveling within 2000 buses. They are also installed in 45 Volvo coaches traveling in Gujarat. This ensures that around 6 lakh passengers travel with WISE-TV daily. It creates impactful market reach with a captive audience.

Proximity To Market

Transit TV allows marketers to customize their marketing strategies to a geographic area in order to be more aligned and more cost-effective.

Captive Audience

The average time commuting is 30 minutes to one hour and passengers will not be able to switch off or change the channel, therefore, increasing the exposure time and maximizing a client’s campaign reach.

Engaging Content and Flexibility

Contents can be customised and updated at any time, aligned with the marketer’s advertising and promotion campaign.

Prized Demographics

Transit TV allows for better message targeting by observing the demographics of the bus commuters. 51% of the bus commuters are between the ages of 16-34 years old.

Our Viewer

Everyday more than 20 Lakhs Commuters travel through GSRTC.

On an average, each passenger spends 45 minutes watching Wise TV in journey every day

Wise TV advertisements have 100% attention from viewers. The Large, colourful and innovative designs demand more attention. It can’t be turned off like the TV. You have exclusivity in your space; it delivers all generation of audience and offers flexibility of advertisements size and location along with 17 hours of real time transmission every day.

Our Contents

Wise TV presents a wide variety of contents for all generation of passengers including

  • 1units of 19” glare-free LCD screens on each bus or coach.
  • Super hit Bollywood Movies
  • Gujarati Dramas
  • Latest Bollywood Songs
  • Religious documentaries and Bhajans
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Dayro
  • Special musical events
  • Live News and stock updates &Every hour Headlines

& Not What! On High quality LED TV & Audio which is enjoyable even from the last seat!