How It Works

How It Works

Our technical team has developed a robust system and monitors it every second. Passenger Entertainment System starts with the ignition of bus. This local storage is commanded by central server.

All advertisement schedules are logged in the play-out system as per time band and programming.

The PIS is closely monitored by central server with alarming system (i.e. Audio/ video loss, an alarm will buzz to server and as per bus no and route complaint details will be registered in the server.)

1units of 19” glare-free LCD screens on each bus or coach.

Optimised screen and seat configuration enables viewing for commuters from all angles.

System includes high-quality speakers throughout the vehicle.

Advertising and programming are transmitted automatically to the vehicle via the internet using a wireless network.

Advertising and programming is transmitted automatically to the vehicle via the internet by using wireless network.

Optional method: Direct to the Point (DTTP) Update scheduled by weekly basis



PPM (Prompt Preventive Maintenance)

WISE is having network all across the Gujarat

  • Level – Head Quarter (Naroda)
  • DC (16 places)
  • Depots (125)

i.e. if PES of one bus failed (A/V), our server will locate the bus location and during journey where is 15 min halt, our field engineer should be in immediate action in accordance with above mentioned locations.