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WISE TV, which is a transit television channel. WISE TV’s live entertainment transit channel is installed in 2,000 Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) buses and 50 bus depots which connects various cities in Gujarat along with parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Wise TV - A Channel just dedicated for Public Entertainment - introducing the transit media in GSRTC buses.

Everyday more than 20 Lakhs Commuters travel through GSRTC.

Wise TV comes Live to them while travelling. With 50 depots, and more than 2000 buses equipped with Wise TV to entertain lacs of passengers.

On an average, each passenger spends 45 minutes watching Wise TV in journey every day.


Our Capabilities

A unique way to advertise your products and services, and that too at an affordable price. The best part is that, you do not have to go out to search your customers. We will provide you with Lacs of prospective customers every day.

Our unique insight allows us to easily customize campaigns to ensure the greatest impact on the audience, unleashing the potential of our highly targeted and effective medium.

Our fresh, professional thinking, teamed up with our collaborative working attitudes and industry expertise ensures an effective successful delivery of our client’s vision. Our state wide presence in and passionate team make for a truly unique out of Home experience.


What we do


Wise TVs special advantages for advertisements include

  • AC & Non AC buses
  • On-Screen branding

Exclusivity of the space and also an opportunity to reach affluent Gujaratis directly, without going through expensive TV Channels.

Wise TV offers wide variety of on screen advertisement options which includes

Seconds Television commercials here in GSRTC buses happen through a technology-enabled LED screen installed by our diligent technicians. These LED screens can display ads, promote content, enable flow of information, applications, etc., show real-time updates of stock, bullion, news, sports, etc., along with many value-added content for passengers. Also the advertisements can be displayed on the basis of Location, Time, Prime time

Program Sponsorship
With the exciting line-up of programs interspersed with advertisements, grab the opportunity to associate your brand with programs that complement it.

A unique way to advertise utilising screen space with info graphics, it can help to generate brand visibility across the viewers while interesting content.

Along with stock updates and news update scrolls, we can also advertise products with written details on the scrolls


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